Flat Line

Energy and information
Flatline – Do we play, to discover the impossible or to force it?

Are all simple machines based on straight lines?

Is it possible to create a circle without straight lines? Is it not described by either: applying equal forces to a square or to one end  of a straight line?

Why is it that Nature abhors straight lines? are they not but waves under tension? Waves that have lost their informational component and are now pure force? Waves that are no longer resonating, but are now decimating?

Is force, the wave that no longer responds to its environment? Does it have great power, in the absence of its conformity? Is its strength based in non response ability? If so, what is it controlled by? Who is the author of the tension? What is it that they seek by disrupting the resonance that allows the continuum of nature?

Is not the straight line the fastest route to entropy?

What then is nature, the slowest way?

Was there ever another way?

Is the purpose of our play, to discover the impossible, or to force it?

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Author: Craig

Hey, Craig here, I am not an expert in any of the fields that I discuss, so I will no doubt make lots of mistakes. Even that which I do come to understand through experience, changes. Freemocean is not about making new stories, it is about uncovering the ability to sense and feel alive. Ironically this aliveness grows as we gain the courage to feel the world more directly, with full curiosity and far less assumptions. All of this comes to me as I allow the ocean to sway through my body, while on my SUP. I noticed how my opinions, and other defense mechanisms did not sway, they grated... My mind threw them back at me, saying, "really?" We still believe this crap? - can we let go already?. YES we can...

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  1. This was not meant to sound so accusatory, however, if the author does not address the possibility of responsibility, then there is no point in writing this.

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