Head over Heals?

getting our heads in the right place helps us to use energy and sense our environment more accurately.
getting our heads in the right place helps us to use energy and sense our environment more accurately.

I find I can save energy by improving my balance, by simply getting my head in the right place. SUP training and land based body movements are great for getting my biology to start responding more to reality and less to  my stories about reality

By suspending my head from the occipital ridge, (back of the skull) I was wondering if the rest of my body would come to rest directly below my head. If I could allow my soft tissues to relax and allow alignment to return. To allow alignment to conform to gravity rather than to my 4+ decades of repeated body memory. Body memory that, much like facial expressions is highly emotional.

Deeper questions below: I removed half of them, as I was getting carried away again 

So what is it that causes my biology to embody a suboptimal posture? Why would I embody a shape that does not flow well with gravity?

Why would I take on a shape that conflicts with graceful movement?

If there is only one reality, from where does conflict arise?

If sensing is in fact resonating, what use is rigidity other than for applying force?

Does the shape we take on, reflect the stories we habitually use to cope with situations we find pleasant or threatening?

The idea of using movement for healing is probably older than drums. What I find interesting is the idea that removing assumptions is so powerful. That in fact: miss-information may pose a greater threat to the organisation of our organism than anything real.

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Author: Craig

Hey, Craig here, I am not an expert in any of the fields that I discuss, so I will no doubt make lots of mistakes. Even that which I do come to understand through experience, changes. Freemocean is not about making new stories, it is about uncovering the ability to sense and feel alive. Ironically this aliveness grows as we gain the courage to feel the world more directly, with full curiosity and far less assumptions. All of this comes to me as I allow the ocean to sway through my body, while on my SUP. I noticed how my opinions, and other defense mechanisms did not sway, they grated... My mind threw them back at me, saying, "really?" We still believe this crap? - can we let go already?. YES we can...