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Ever notice how children walk?

They don’t, they run, jump, skip, hop and dance: with  or without music. They don’t learn to walk until they go to school and the teacher says, “get in line, stop running around”.

But we must have order, right?

Well, what is order, where is order?

Is there order in the universe, order on Earth?

Sure there is, we have physics, chemistry and biology they show quite clearly that the world moves in predictable patterns. That cause and effect are inextricably linked in time.

Now that time thing, that is a little tricky. For us to take  a measurement, we need to place a mark, so that we can compare to it. We need a reference point. We need to create a fixed memory, a defining point, and assign a value to it. So that we can measure change or difference, over time.

Welcome to the box.

The box is our collective culture, the culmination of our assigned and agreed upon values. Our arbitrary reference points that allow us to make comparisons, valuations and invest wisely…for the future. To treat the world and each other as though everything can be improved and enhanced if we all work together as a team. (anyone else hearing Pink Floyde ?).

To be considered useful, does information have to be relevant, accurate and timely? We now, not only have access to, we are in fact bombarded with so called “information”. How much of it is qualified?, how much of it do we allow the “qualified” to qualify for us? Who is qualified to maintain the quality of the the quantifier’s?

Who decides which PHD scientists receive grants or get published? How are they to present new ideas using old patterns of thinking? How are they to make it compelling enough to get or hold our attention?

Why the Decline?

Have you noticed how older more experienced people can not seem to grasp new technologies, while 5 year olds learn at blinding speed? Why the decline? Is it because children learn by playing, by fearlessly trying everything without worrying about the consequences?

Do children learn faster, because they do not have to compare every potential outcome to a memorised effect?

Is it the mesmerising effect of memory that robs us of our sensitivity?  Isn’t the only thing that can ever bring us truly up to date, relevant and accurate information: our own nervous systems?

In any one moment we can either feel directly what is happening or we can put our attention into our memory. Which do you suppose is more accurate? From which do you suppose high quality action arises?

Our nervous systems process tens of thousands of chemical and electrical functions each second. Co ordinating on the electro-magnetic and gravitational planes instanteaneously what is required to keep us alive. This happens to the degree that accurate information is able to be sensed.

Mammals and Memory

Memory that is stored with an emotional component effects the tension in our bodies, over time we take on this shape and it limits the way we are able to sense new information. It keeps us lost in thoughts, insensitive and reactive.

Breaking Box

To operate from the reality of what is happening, first we need to sense it directly. Not feel our own emotion, then react based upon opinion. To actually notice and accept what is. Then allow a new kind of action to arise. One based on the real relationships that are present. Rather than memories made of words and charged with personal agendas. Now that is freedom…

You find it through movement – though anything that forces us to inhabit our biology with high quality focus.



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Author: Craig

Hey, Craig here, I am not an expert in any of the fields that I discuss, so I will no doubt make lots of mistakes. Even that which I do come to understand through experience, changes. Freemocean is not about making new stories, it is about uncovering the ability to sense and feel alive. Ironically this aliveness grows as we gain the courage to feel the world more directly, with full curiosity and far less assumptions. All of this comes to me as I allow the ocean to sway through my body, while on my SUP. I noticed how my opinions, and other defense mechanisms did not sway, they grated... My mind threw them back at me, saying, "really?" We still believe this crap? - can we let go already?. YES we can...