Deep Coffee

choice or reactivity
coffee – addiction or addition

Sense or Think

My current perspective sees people as a collection of human cells, bacteria and fungi that form the walking “*meat puppets” from which our attention emerges.

In any moment, we can either place the emergent property of our attention into thought or into our senses. Meat puppets, like plants and fungi are a community of cells cooperating to increase complex relationship through specialization. Whoa there camel! – that’s a big concept worthy of several books ‌. Lets ‌ assume we are still on the same page and keep moving though.

Change for a time

I wanted to be “just friends” with coffee without the addiction. So I eventually managed to stop drinking it for about 9 days, which killed my energy delivery. I had not realized how much caffeine amplified ketones.
I am mostly ketogenic(1), but that is only partially relevant to this post.
I tap into a lot of highly creative ideas but action very few. Caffeine seems to ramp up my strategic thinking when what I really want to pay more attention to the world around me(2). Blabber-mouthing with out paying attention to others was not being helped by caffeine either.
Now that I see this clearly, the motivation to quit daily use of coffee arose naturally, requiring little discipline. After quitting the habit of using coffee to kick-start my energy delivery, ‌I thought about just drinking coffee on Sundays.
The trouble with creating treats in a future date is that this affirms psychological time. Another “big concept”, but lets keep moving with it. Creating futures that are better or worse than the present, does not help me to experience and appreciate the perfection of the moment and can keep me lost in imaginings and concerns.

Divide and be Conquered

Most serious healers and teachers, come to understand that most social and a fair bit of biological pathology arises from feelings of separation, loneliness, unworthiness or inadequacy. From the loss of sensitivity to innate connection.
Wasting my attention on over thinking, makes me more insensitive the situations around me. Lowering the quality of my interactions which feeds back into my insecurity, making me think more.
I think in words, symbols for “things”, for divisible units of reality that I can now compare and assign values to. Words while extremely useful for communication and cooperation, paint an inaccurate picture.
Thinking in words I see everything, including myself as separate and open to valuation and comparison. ‌When deeply in my senses, I do not experience the world as separate”things”. When not seeing everything through a filter of thoughts and assumptions, I see no boundaries to cause and effect only constant change.
I can see order and disorder, complexity and chaos. In my senses, my actions become more graceful because I am aware of the movement around me. I understand what is happening so do not need to check in with memories and opinions, so I can stay present and attentive.

What has this got to do with Coffee?

Yesterday, I had a strong craving for coffee, which signals either chemical addiction or discontent aka, non acceptance of events. After an argument with my wife my vitality crashed and I felt a strong desire to kick start my energy. Not a good time to re-enforce a negative feedback loop, better to do some repairs around the house and accept my feelings instead of trying to change them.
I got a lot done yesterday so today is a good day for writing and drawing. Checking in with my biology, no cravings or discontent present, so I visit a nice coffee house. Its raining and there’s nobody else here. Perfect time to use the drug, caffeine and put it to work deliberately and with focus.
I hope this story is a useful metaphor about giving priority to sensation in biology rather than mental programming, (memory). Operating from the senses affirms connection, whereas operating from thoughts can affirm fragmentation and separation. ‌
Self as separate gives rise to fear, and yet more “strategic” thinking, which pulls us further out of awareness of how interrelated everything and everyone are.
I have tried to address some difficult concepts using simple examples, I hope I have not wasted your time. Especially if you were looking for definitive opinion about wether to drink coffee or not. As you can see, why we do is more important than what we do. How we think, more important than the contents of our thoughts.

(1) Ketogenic – Nutritional Ketosis is a state of using either dietary or body fat for fuel, it can occur in the abssense of carbohydrates. The writer uses this as his predominant state due to anti-inflammatory and reduced oxidation benefits – read more

(2) Dr. Amen is most well know for using FMRI imaging to measure the effects of organic and synthetic compounds on patients brain activity.